The 15-Minute City

Recently, there has been a lot of talk in the news about a theory for urban planning called The 15-Minute City.

"The idea at its core is that cities should be designed – or redesigned – so that residents of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in all parts of the city can access their daily needs (housing, work, food, health, education, and culture and leisure) within a 15-minute walk or bike ride."

When I read about the concept of The 15-Minute City, it struck me that this is all we have ever wanted for Linus - a village where most of our needs are met within a 15-minute bike ride, where we are active and have a sense of connectedness to the people and community around us. And yes, this simple and happy idea consequently leads to a healthier planet.

I get freaked out by climate change, and sometimes I beat myself up about food waste or air travel. While The 15-Minute City is not going to solve the problem on its own, maybe it’s a good place to start. Without question, driving less is better for our planet, but as we live more connected and less isolated lives, maybe we'll start caring more about how our choices affect others, and in the end, it’s this sense of shared responsibility, of taking care of each other, that's critical for real change.

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